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Episode 5 Art

Episode 5

An Interview with Florida Punk Band "Razor and The Boogiemen"

Long time no see, but I'm back! Join me alongside Razor and Seth from the notorious and iconic punk band "Razor and The Boogiemen" from St. Pete, Florida! We discuss their discography, story, trippy subjects, and much more. Shoutout to Christian, the drummer, who could not be present for the recording of this podcast.

Band, Underground, Punk Music, Interview

March 9th 2024

Episode 5 Art

Episode 4

An Interview with 3D Animator "GEOH3X"

Join 3D Animator GEOH3X and I as we discuss various things deep in a very cool and beautiful forest. This is an artist I have massive amounts of respect and appreciation for... but instead of me typing a lot about them, why don't they just introduce themselves to you via this episode? Enjoy. Don't get arrested while listening to this podcast.

Artist, Underground, 3D Animation, Interview

Oct 31, 2023

Episode 5 Art

Episode 3

A Deep Dive Into "The Stickman Phenomenon"

Have you ever seen a tall lanky black figure in the corner of your vision? You may be part of the large group of people who have experienced, "The Stickman Phenomenon". Join me in episode 3 of 'Null In The Void' as I discus my personal encounters with this entity, read encounters sent in by listeners of the show, and discuss my theories on it.

Paranormal, Occult, Metaphysical, Supernatural

Oct 31, 2023

Episode 5 Art

Episode 2

An Interview with Musician "Bored Operator"

In this episode I interview a musical artist named Bored Operator A.K.A Chase. They share details about their process creating their new album released earlier this month, "Life of A Dustmite". Chase also speaks about their life, and other projects they are involved in. Of course, we have funny little chit chat as well. I am very excited about this one and I hope you guys enjoy it, too.

Musician, Interview, New Album

Oct 14, 2023

Episode 5 Art

Episode 1

An Interview with Multimedia Artist Diana Dirt

In this episode, I interview multi-faceted artist Diana Dirt. It appears I've gotten myself into a bit of a pickle. This episode was filmed at Three Creeks in Missouri on a beautiful overlook. You can hear the wildlife in the background. We discuss Diana's life, personal philosophy, and have a great time in nature. I find Diana extremely hilarious and interesting, I'm sure you will find this episode A-PEEL-ING.

Multimedia, Artist, Interview, Nature

Sep 29, 2023

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