Blog #1 - Welcome

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Hello everyone! If you are viewing this, it means you've taken time out of your day/night to explore my website, and for that, I love and appreciate you. Thanks for stopping by.

I have always wanted my own website so I can be less restricted to the chains of the algorithm on most social platforms. I want to share my creations, the things that interest me, and the things that feel right, and not have to worry about "like" counts on posts, etc.

My amazing friend Erik Houdini made this site, and it is so beautiful that it makes me emotional seeing the (almost) finished product as I am typing this.

Things are looking up. Sure, there are things in life that are less than pleasant, but overall I feel I am handling the challenges life gives me well. My emotions have been more controllable lately, too. I have just been focused on working, my spiritual practice, the podcast, and letting my loved ones know that they are loved.

As the final details of episode 3 of "Null In The Void" are being completed, I feel anxious in an expression of excitement about this episode. It is my first episode solo, and I hope you guys like it. This episode discusses "The Stickmen Phenomena"... without spoiling too much, all I can do is recommend that you watch it! It should be out by the time you are reading this.

Anyways, have fun exploring the site. I am keeping this first entry short and sweet so I don't get too distracted from finishing the podcast. Love you guys. - Null 10/30/2023 7:41 P.M. EST

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